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Low Pirce DC to DC 1W Dc Dc Power Module for PCB

Lowest Price Isolated Un-regulated S(D)XXSXX-1W DC-DC Converter

DC-DC Fixed Input Isolated Un-regulated 1w 

Power Range: 1W

Size: 11.7*6.0*10.0mm or 12.7*10.0*7.8mm

Input Voltage:05/12v/24v DC 

Output Voltage: 3.3V-24V DC

Output Type: Single



Isolation voltage: 1000VDC 0.5mA 1Minute

Operation Temp.: -25°C~+85°C

Case: High Flame Retardant Plastic and Metal Shell

Good anti-interference function, electromagnetic compatibility, lightning protection, over-current protection, over-circuit protection, over-heat protection, self-recovery function.

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Fixed Input Voltage Isolated Un-regulated DC-DC 1w Power Converter 


Output characteristics:

1.Load efficiency: ≤±3% 10%-100% load

2.Forbidden of non-load operation for a long time

3.A short period of time (1s) short-circuit, overload, over-temperature protection circuit, self-resumption

4.Ripple/noise: 5VDC 50mV Max , 9VDC 60mV Max ,12VDC ,15VDC,24VDC 100mV Max

5.Switch frequency:50KHz -800KHz

6.No-load voltage: 5VDC, 9VDC, (+0.8VDC Max ),12VDC,15VDC,24VDC(+1.5VDC Max)

General characteristic:

1. Source effects: input voltage from low to high

2.Temperature coefficient: ≤±0.03% ℃

3.Storage temperature: -45℃+125℃

4.Shell: High inflaming retarding plastic (UL94-V0)

5.Cooling method: natural cooling without increasing the radiator

6.Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): 2000000h

7.Operating temperature:-45℃+85℃

8.Welding pin : ≤10S 300℃ Max

9.Max operating temperature:85℃ , relative temperature:10%90%


S(D)XXSXX-1W SERIES product type and pin diagram:


Single inline or Double inline package (SIP or DIP ), any input voltage value

transfer the any input voltage value with the accuracy is ±2% or ±3%


Series Models:


Application Fields:

Industrial control, long distance DC power supply system,switching system, A/C and D/A, Railway communication, 

communication interface converter,cell phone,semiconductor laser,display screen/LCD,monitoring equipment,

petrochemical engineering,portable instrument,medical instrument,automatic control installation ,Burglary Alarm Kit,

hand-held instrument,digital circuits,IC card energy meter,air conditioning computer control,etc.


Quality Policy:

Seeking survival on quality, building reputation on service, increasing efficiency on

management and making greater achievements on innovation.

Company Products:

DC-DC power converter(range of power:0.1-200W)

AC-DC power converter( range of power:0.1-60W)

LED drive power supply and related specific field special products

After-sales service:

From the date of purchase, if occurrence quality problem within two years, can be replace, Products' management 

and produce strict do as ISO9001:2008 standard.

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