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How to distinguish HenLv Logo ?

2017-05-03 16:52:40

Recently our customer feedback that some power supply manufacturers sell their products to our power supply module users in name of our HenLv by engraved with other logo, Such as Henlu,Henlü”,HenLu,’’ HenLü”...

In order to ensure you use our products relievely , identify the authenticity, our Company hereby solemnly declare as follows:

 1: Our products are engraved with HenLvwords, as the below figure shown:

2: Our company will investigate legal liability for the following actions:

all actions which simulate HenLv Power Company staff to Selling fake products  with No logo or the second and third brand recognition

All manufacturers who make Fake and shoddy production with HenLv production standard

All  "play edge ball"actions which sell Fake and shoddy products by using the similar HenLv Logo

All manufacturers or individuals those who are engraved with other Logo posing as our products

Hope all of our HenLv customers can recognize our brand. If similar situation happen again, hope you can feedback to us timely, and we will be grateful for that.

  Any more other detail consultation, welcome to visit our official website or official    micro blogging, WeChat.

 May you booming in business and May we happy with cooperation.

Hereby declare         

                                                      HenLv Power 


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