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AC220SXXDC-10W AC-DC Power Source

AC-DC 10W Converter Single/Dual output 55*45*22mm Power Supply

AC-DC 10w  55*45*22mm 

AC-DC Power Converter 

Power Range: 10W

Input Voltage: 85-265V AC(90-360V DC)

Output Voltage: 3.3V-48V DC

Output Type: Single/Dual/Multi



Isolation Voltage: 2000-2500VAC 5mA 1M

Operation Temp.: -25°C~+85°C

Case: High Flame Retardant Plastic and Metal Shell

  • Product Details

AC-DC concurrently DC-DC/ AC and DC Universal power converter

Output characteristics:

The built-in EMI filtering unit, has an over current, over voltage ( according to your requirements ) and output short circuit.Overload, overheating, 

protection circuit ( eliminating short circuit, overload, overload automatically eliminate)Ripple / noise ( 20MHZ ): 50mVp-p max., 40KHZ-150KHZ  switching frequency

General characteristic:

Source effect: the input voltage from the low to high, the insulation resistance of 10000000000 Ω

Mean time between failure ( MTBF ) 2000000h

Temperature coefficient is ≤ ± 0.03% ℃, hold time: 20ms (full load of typical value)

Isolation voltage: 2000VAC 5mA, 1min.

Operating temperature: industrial grade: -25 ~ +55 ℃, military grade-40~+85℃,

Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ +125 ℃

Response time: load change for every 30%, the rate of change of 1A/us, response time is 1ms

Shell: high flame retardant, metal aluminum shell / purple copper package

Max shell temperature : 85 ℃, relative temperature; 10%~90%

55 size Single / Dual Common output type product type and pin diagram:

Single / Dual Common output type AC220S(D)XXDC-XW product type ,Can achieve power:10W Max

(Customers can request custom tailor-made products for different pins and related parameters)

Series Models:


55 size Dual uncoen-ground output and three output type product type and pin diagram:

Dual uncoen-ground output and three output type AC220TD(M)XXDC-XW product type ,Can achieve power: 3W 、6WMax (Customers can request custom tailor-made products for different pins and related parameters)

Series Models:

Application Fields:

Industrial control and remote DC power supply system, switching system, A/D and D/A, railway communication, communication interface converter, 

cellphone, semiconductor laser, display screens,  monitoring equipment, petrochemical, portable instrument, medical instruments, 

automatic control device, burglar alarm, handhold instrument, digital circuit, IC card power meter, air conditioning computer controller,


Quality Policy:

Seeking survival on quality, building reputation on service, increasing efficiency on

management and making greater achievements on innovation.

Company Products:

DC-DC power converter(range of power:0.1-200W)

AC-DC power converter( range of power:0.1-60W)

LED drive power supply and related specific field special products

After-sales service:

From the date of purchase, if occurrence quality problem within two years, can be replaced

Products' management and produce strict do as ISO9001:2008 standard.

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